Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lost in a Dream

I often have some very vivid dreams, but I cannot usually remember them minutes after awakening. Last night, however, I had one of the weirdest, and, at the risk of putting myself "out there," I thought I'd share it with my 3 blog readers. Now, promise.....no laughing and do NOT send the men from the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time - I promise I won't be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats!!

So, the scene takes place in a large house with lots of sliding glass doors to the outside. The outside varies - wooded setting, neighborhood with other houses, water surrounding it. The house doesn't change, just the outsides. I'm inside, in the kitchen I think, and there are lots of animals outside - huge alligators, a kangaroo, and others which I can't identify (maybe dinosaurs). I have my camera (of course) and am trying to take photos out the sliding glass door without letting any animals in. The surrounding water changes into neighborhood houses, and there is a man on a neighboring roof. Suddenly, a very large (bigger than the man) alligator shows up on the roof, darts toward the man and then past him, jumps to another roof where there is another alligator. They fight and wrestle, alligator style.

Back to me in the house. I'm trying to take a photo of a kangaroo, which I cannot for the life of me focus on. Suddenly a huge alligator makes his way through the door. I am not afraid (I actually was not afraid through-out the entire dream). I realize that what the alligator really wants is the little wrapper from a piece of orange-flavored trident gum (which DS chews, IRL). I wave the paper at him, toss it out the door and he charges outside after it.

Flash to the living room, where I am now complaining to DS that the roll-up privacy screens are all tattered and do not keep the animals from looking in. He begins to tell me how he'll fix them and the shredded screen door when ANOTHER alligator shows up in the living room (I have no idea where he came from). As I am opening the screen door so I can toss out the tasty gum wrapper, he grabs my hand with his mouth (no pain, no blood). I manage to distract him, toss out the paper, and out he goes.

Then Lily wakes me up, asking to go out.

Now, how weird is that for a dream?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I GOT IT!!!!

OMG!!! I got a photo for Halloween!!! For years, Matt has refused to dress up for Halloween, but his best friend convinced him to go to a costume party. It was so fun watching them pose for my camera, willingly for a change!! Now I have to go looking for a digi kit so I can scrap it.