Saturday, January 06, 2007

It is cold, cold, cold

I know a lot of people are having colder weather, but her in SoCal it's not supposed to be 44 degrees when you get up in the morning! I mean, BRRRRRRRR!!!!!! We need to send this cold air back where it came from and bring on the sunshine!

I think we're all official now for CHA. Andrea and Pam both have their plane tickets. They're flying separately, though. Money and schedules just didn't work out for them to travel together. And I got the CHA tickets so we're all good to go. Three weeks from today, woohoo!

I finally finished up my second layout for the ADSR. This was a tough one, using only one element per designer. But it's done, and I like it!!!

You can see the credits

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Anonymous said...

it better get warm before I get there!