Wednesday, April 02, 2008

RAK it Forward

My friend Catherine has posted a Pay-It-Forward RAK on her blog. And so here's my RAK.

In the post below, there are some yummy cupcakes that I've made myself. They're crocheted and hand-beaded. They're stuffed with some beans for stability and fiber fill at the top. You can use them as a paper weight, a pin cushion or just a fun decoration. I'll RAK you two, with the frosting colors of your choice. How to get them? Post a comment here, with a link to your Blog and your RAK. Let's keep the blog-RAK alive and well!!!


CatherineS said...

I'd love to have one of your cupcakes... Now I'll have to post another PIF... :)

CatherineS said...

Oh... I'd love pink and blue! :) They look so cute sitting together down there!