Saturday, May 23, 2009

New windows!

Yay, new windows. It's a great time to replace old windows, with the IRS tax credit for this year. Here are some photos of my newly replaced windows.

This is the picture window in the living room. I was happy that they were able to replicate the six small panels at the top, as this is an architectural feature of the era of my house.

Here are the new kitchen windows. These were jalousie windows which are very drafty. Now I can raise and lower the bottom section with just one hand!

And the bathroom window. There are two of these. They also were jalousie windows and very drafty, especially in the bathroom where there is no heat!

All in all, I have 21 windows in this tiny house and all of them are being replaced. Hooray!!

And, every single one of my windows is spotless! It's terrific, really.

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Tammy said...

Love the look of that front window! 2 posts??? Oh my... LOL