Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cards for Soldiers

In these trying times we probably all ask ourselves just what we can do to make life easier for someone else. And maybe easier or more rewarding for ourselves. Making cards to send to the deployed troops is one very simple, inexpensive way. Those soldiers, men and women, far away from their homes and families, in a foreign land, can really use our thoughts. And our cards. It is truly amazing to hear from the units about how much receiving our cards can lift their spirits. And also hearing from the recipients here at home of our handmade works of art. The connection between us, the service men and women, and their families is almost palpable.

If you have a few minutes in which to make some cards, please do so. Visit Cards for Soldiers to find our how you can get your cards into the waiting and very grateful hands of our deployed service men and women, and they in turn can get our cards into the hands of their worried and caring friends and families. It will warm your heart. Really, it will!

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