Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Men at Work

My brother and dad have been working on the enlargement of my dad's bathroom. Here they are, prepping some of the roof rafters.

And the kids are having great fun driving around in dad's golf cart!
I made necklaces for Jean's granddaughters and Kayla. And it was amazing that they matched EXACTLY the clothes the girls were wearing. It was as if they had selected the outfits on purpose - of course without knowing even that they were getting anything. How unbelievable is that???
Jean has a cute little vignette in the entry hall. She found a "workman" Santa with a toolbelt and all the tools. Too cute!!

And lastly, Tammy's Cinnabon roll recipe makes divine rolls!! I ended up making them for all the golfers in dad's group. Ready by 9 am so I was up at 4 am making the dough! I'm such a good daughter.....


Lisa said...

what a VERY good daughter you are! Love the shot of the girls with their necklaces.

Tammy said...

Your rolls look so yummy - much better than mine. Probably because you made them and not me LOL