Saturday, April 11, 2009

A new home

Here, for those interested, are some photos of my new house. Notice the walls are bare. I'm working on that!!

This is a view of the living room from the door into the kitchen across to the front door. Behind the recliner is a fireplace with glass door shelves on the right and a built-in desk on the left, all topped with a nice wide mantle with two small windows. The two wicker chairs under the front window are antiques from my great aunt's house. All the rest of the furniture came from the other house.

Here is a view of the other end of the living room from the front door to the kitchen - the far end should be a dining room, but I'm not having one. The little desk in the corner is also old - belonged to my uncle who wrote his name in the drawer in about 1936.

This is my bedroom from the door. Like how my spread matches the walls? Purely accidental, since I bought this set in Florida before I saw the wall colors. Maybe it's a sign??? The wicker chair in the corner still needs cushions, and is the third antique chair from my great aunt. The bed and night stand are from IKEA. Love that place. A tenant was kind enough to leave the air conditioner in the window...

Here is the bathroom. Check out all the drawers! And the two windows. This house has SO MANY windows, lots of natural light. I love it!

This is the back hall/laundry area, that my dad and I worked on for the last two weeks. The door is new, the hot water heater is that silver box on the wall, and we tiled the floor. The new color is the brown you can see to the right of the hot water heater. I still have to paint the rest of the room. Thanks, Dad, for all your hard work, help and great advice!! You're the best.

This is the guest room/guest bed. Like how the spread matches the walls? That was pure luck, as this is a garage sale spread purchased by Ken before I even planned to move. I knew it would look great on this 3/4 size antique spool bed that used to be in my grandmother's guest room and that I spent many nights of my youth sleeping in when I visited her. The spread has ribbon-embroidered flowers and two embroidered pillow shams and matches the room perfectly! My palm tree embroidered valances were a great find, at Lowe's, of all places!

Here is the other side of the room - my "office/scrap desk." Kind of messy as I'm in the middle of a couple things. Like the two windows at the end? - I love the natural light I get!! There are two more windows just like those on the wall to the left of the bed.

This is the closet in the guest room. Some prior tenant installed a closet organizing system - and thanks to them, I have lots of space for all my scrap junk.

In this photo you can see into what was the original closet, where there is more storage space AND a small window for light. I'm still not completely unpacked and stuff is just stuffed on shelves for now. That's another rainy day project.

Here is the first of three views of the kitchen. The sink area with nice large, east-facing windows. The dishwasher, oven and stove are all new.

Here is a view from the back hall/laundry across to the door going into the living room.

This is a little built-in eating area, thus my reason for doing away with the dining room. The cushions came with, and I'll be recovering them to coordinate with the "mediteranean" look that I'm planning for the kitchen. Notice yet another window? I tiled the top of this table when I lived here in 1987. It's amazing that it's lasted through 15 years of tenants! I have a couple large Maxfield Parish prints that will hang in this area.

Thanks for looking!!!!


Tammy said...

This is adorable! Yes - love all of the natural light. Hey - you have palm tree curtains for my room? How sweet!

Karen said...

Chris, ya done good! Can I come visit? I like natural light and I don't take up much space. :)

Dawn said...

Chris your house IS totally cute and so YOU!! I love what you have done. The colors on the bedroom walls are beautiful. I am so jealous of all that natural light!! :)

renee said...

Lovw the house. It is so cute.

ScrapAloha said...

How wonderful! Love the light and all the storage areas! Great photos!!

Karen said...

Your house is just adorable and I like what you have done to it. I like all the light you get but would hate to have to wash all those windows :)

Pam said...

It looks awesome! I can't wait to come visit! And Tammy that's "MY" room!

stephanie said...

Love all the natural lite Chris. Looks like a wonderful place.