Saturday, April 01, 2006

Why can't it rain at night?

It's raining. It's OK. We don't get much rain. And we probably need it. But when it doesn't rain a lot, even a little rain is bothersome. It would be great if it could just rain at night. Everyone would be happy.

Today's the day I get to drive to Scrapbook Oasis - a supposedly really nice, big LSS about an hour away. Used to be owned by the owner of Li'L Davis, but she sold it. Anyway, I'm taking a class from Elsie Flanagan and I'm really excited. I've become very fastinated by the doodle-style of scrapbooking which has become popular. Maybe I'll come home a doodler.


Cheryl said...

ooooh cool Chris, you get to take a class with Elsie, okay so if you come home a doodler will you do a scrap rally for those of us who are doodling challenged?!?!?!

Pretty please?????

Cindy said...

Peek a Boo! I see you bloggin! Good for you Chris. Off to bookmark you now.